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With a select portfolio we maintain personal involvement in all the affairs we represent, while relying on the support and infrastructure of the entire Axtor team. We balance our various competencies with the combined capacity of the whole group. Because we serve a very select group of clients, we always have the time to answer your call and to take immediate action.

  • Maria Flávia Junqueira da Cunha

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  • Monique Theeboom

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  • Vanessa Aniceta

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  • Vareshka Chong

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  • Yudeska Susana

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Maria Flávia Junqueira da Cunha

Go to opBrazilian, ambitious and sensible about your assets

With a law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo and ample experience in fiduciary services, I am a true go-getter who brings out the best in our team and our clients. Life and business are about people, not about money. I believe that personal transformation really does lead to global change. Loyalty, strength and teamwork are very important to me. Having worked for Amicorp, Arthur Oster Law Office and McLaughlin Bank in Curaçao, as well as for Citibank and the Bank of Boston in Brazil, I know the Latin-American fiduciary markets inside and out. I am dedicated to enhancing the good qualities of our team and our knowledge of the market, in order to deliver continued excellence to you, our valued client.

Monique Theeboom

Go to opDancer by heart, ‘spider in the web’ by profession

Having worked in many larger teams at Atlas Insurance and Maduro & Curiel’s Bank among other places, it was really nice to become part of the small close-knit team of Axtor. We can always rely on each other and that is a comforting feeling. In my free time I love to dance and basically what I do at Axtor Group is a lot like a dance… I am the Office Manager who arranges all of the office’s day-to-day operations. I make sure all the facilities are in order and I take care of the secretarial work. In addition I am also the Junior Account Manager, assisting Flávia. Like a spider in a web I move easily through the various different things that my job consists of and I do it with great joy and pride. If there is anything you need, from any of us, don’t hesitate to ask for it; I’ll gladly relay your message to the person involved or get it for you myself if I can.

Vanessa Aniceta

Go to opSynonym for trust, knowledge and experience

As a Trust Officer with more than ten years of experience in this field, my job as Compliance Officer at Axtor Group fits like a glove. I keep our management well informed and up-to-date regarding the development of compliance issues and I advise them on client profiles. I also develop our internal policies and programs related to compliance according to local and international law. To be part of a successful and profitable business that offers its team educational opportunities and where every day brings new knowledge and personal growth is an absolute joy and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Vareshka Chong

Go to opManages any portfolio accurately, efficiently and with great ease

What you need to know about me? I graduated from Law School in Curaçao, but then again many people have. We need to get more specific I guess. Let’s throw in some words that describe the competencies that define my way of working: accurate; efficient; professional attitude; team player; eager to learn. My role in the Axtor team? I manage client portfolios. What that means? I handle all day-to-day requests in relation to your portfolio, including but not limited to: incorporating companies; preparing post-incorporation documentation; preparing power of attorney; preparing bank and other corporate resolutions; preparing agreements necessary for your company or companies; ensuring that your portfolio is compliant with current law and regulations; liaising with colleagues in ongoing legal, compliance and financial matters; liaising with you as our client and your lawyers. Yes, I think that pretty much covers it. Oh, and I read a lot… a whole lot. Any questions?

Yudeska Susana

Go to opMultifunctional administrator who simply gets things done

By now you will have noticed that at Axtor Group no one does just one thing. That is what I like about working here. The team is small, so we all pitch in when and where we have to. We do not get stuck on our own ‘island of expertise’, because we all need each other to get the job done. As a financial administrator with more than 10 years of experience in various positions, at Axtor I do not only concentrate on the financial side; I also help to get things done in many other fields. Officially I am the Internal Accounting Officer, the Payroll Master and the HR Assistant. Unofficially I am a multifunctional administrative octopus, ensuring an up-to-date and accurate administration in all fields, both for Axtor Group and for our clients. If you need information on any matter, I always have it easily accessible and will see to it that you get it in a timely fashion. I am very grateful to be part of such a professional and successful business, where you can always voice your ideas to make things happen and be effective in everything we do.