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Where We Do it

Benefit from the Dutch Kingdom

In addition, being a member of the Dutch Kingdom also yields us these benefits:

  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands has been a major hub for centuries. It was once Europe’s gateway for the arrival of precious goods from the colonies and to this day it still maintains this function with the operation of the mega port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport.
  • It is considered as one of the most important jurisdictions for modern trade, due to its very contemporary legal, tax, and financial system.
  • No exchange regulations are imposed, with free capital and no limit to capital transfers.
  • There is no stamp duty and various Double Taxation Agreements and Investment Protection Treaties protect your interests.
  • The Dutch economy is an excellent base for corporate services, supporting real business and participating in the global trend of accuracy and transparency.
  • Participation Exemption, whereby a company with presence in the Netherlands that owns 5% of another international company not subject to a special tax regime, and that operates real business, will be tax exempt in the Netherlands over its dividends and/or capital gains.
  • No withholding taxes are imposed on royalties and interests, in order to attract financing and stimulate new technology.