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Axtor News

Monique Theeboom

29 September 2015

Having worked in many larger teams at Atlas Insurance and Maduro & Curiel’s Bank among other places, it was really nice to become part of the small close-knit team of Axtor. We can always rely on each other and that is a comforting feeling. In my free time I love to dance and basically what I do at Axtor Group is a lot like a dance… I am the Office Manager who arranges all of the office’s day-to-day operations. I make sure all the facilities are in order and I take care of the secretarial work. In addition I am also the Junior Account Manager, assisting Flávia. Like a spider in a web I move easily through the various different things that my job consists of and I do it with great joy and pride. If there is anything you need, from any of us, don’t hesitate to ask for it; I’ll gladly relay your message to the person involved or get it for you myself if I can.